Back At It Again…

If you judge people you have no time to love them.

β€” Mother Teresa

Hello, hello, hell-o! I’m back, I’m excited and I’m blogging again. This is my first post on this new blog. Yay! I’m picking up where I left off. I am ready to share, engage and enjoy. I’m just getting this blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Peace Love & Light

πŸ’• A. Ross πŸ’‹


In less you’re living under a rock I’m sure that you already know from the topic what this post is about. Yes, Chadwick Boseman, King T’Challa from Black Panther our superhero has transitioned from the physical realm to the spiritual realm.😒

We’ve lost a real life superhero. A true man of power and strength. A man of perseverance and consideration. A man with an amazing portfolio with many amazing movies you must see. He was the truth on screen and off. Chadwick Boseman lost his physical life to a long battle with Cancer.

He was so considerate of others that he did so much to touch our youth since 2016 around the time he was diagnosed. He used the strength he had to continue doing works he loved as an actor. He also took time out of his life to inspire, love on and pour into youth fighting his same fight. He was definitely a true superhero at heart. Selfless, determined and admired by so many. A true gem of a man, a true servant of the Most High carrying out his earthly duties until his last days able to. King T’Challa rest in power. βœŠπŸΎπŸ™πŸ½πŸ–€

Chadwick Boseman

Let’s continue to pray for his family. I’m sure that if we’re hurting, they’re hurting more. I’m asking the Source to comfort them during this time.

Peace Love & Light

πŸ’•A. Ross 😘

Never Give Up

Hey y’all, it’s been a minute but I’m here today. I’m wishing everyone that reads this an awesome day ahead. Let’s make it great.

I wanted to speak on life today and how hard it gets and how it makes us feel. We all go thru hard times that leaves us feeling sick, tired and drained. We all lose certain things and people in life that makes us feel that starting over is not only hard but maybe impossible.

Tuesday a lady I know that comes to my job office often came in full of joy. This was new for me seeing her this way. I’m use to seeing her dragging in, complaining about everything and nothing at all, sad looking and just overall unhappy. Whenever we do engage in discussion I find myself speaking life into her and trying to lift and encourage her.

Recently she lost her bestfriend in the world. She lost the very person who loves her most and knows her best, her mom. Her mother died in a senior living that didn’t allow visitors so she died alone. That really hurts a child no matter your age. We want to be there alongside the people we love while they’re living in their last days. Our presence alone in those last days means just as much to us as it would to our loved ones. However, because she couldn’t visit her, it has taken a toll on her.

Tuesday she came in happy, smiling and she stopped at my desk. Hey April! OMG I’m so glad you’re here. You wouldn’t believe what happened to me just now. Well, she ran into a rapper who happens to be married to her favorite rapper, Cardi B. Y’all know him. She even got a chance to get a picture and rap for him.🀣 She showed me the pics and man oh man was she excited. It made me excited just seeing her genuine joy and happiness. Her face had light to it. It was really fulfilling.

She got serious and said April I was going through it. I’ve been sad, crying and just miserable. I’ve been asking God for a sign to keep going and I just know this is my sign. This is my sign to keep going to not give up. This is my sign not to call my ex back because he was no good for me anyways. April my mom did this from the other side didn’t she? I said you better know it dear. I said, our Ancestors are our guides if we allow them to be. Your mother will never leave your side. I’m glad you received your sign to never give up. You have everything you need to keep going and push through the sadness. She agreed as she continued to thank her mom smiling.

Y’all it gets hard for us all. At some point or another shxt gets heavy. The difference between many of us is that some of us are burned in the fire while others are built from the fire. You got to allow it to build you instead of burn you. We must find our strength to push through. Whatever that looks like for us individually please just keep pushing.

My girl left the office yesterday glowing like I’d never seen her before. I loved seeing it. It was confirmation for me (not that I needed it) that between our Ancestors and the Universe, we (you and I) are never alone. From the physical realm to the spiritual realm we are connected. AsΓ¨’O!!!

If you’re reading this young or old keep going and please never give up. You got this shxt!

Peace Love & Light

πŸ’•A. Ross πŸ’‹

Birds of a Feather…πŸ•Š

Hi there,

Today I didn’t plan to post shxt but after getting a text message I felt so deep, I decided to share my thoughts.

Y’all I love praying. I can get in my car and just talk to the Creator, the Source for my full ride, short or long. Bathroom, kitchen I mean grocery shopping you name it, I’ll pray any and everywhere. I’ve enjoyed praying since a child. I find it necessary and helpful. I also love to meditate but I seem to pray more.

That said, when praying I often times have asked to be connected to my proper tribe. Ya know, people who vibrate on your same frequency. People whose trodding a similar journey or have already been where you’re heading or trying to go. I’ve always heard birds of a feather. However, it was usually used to describe bad company verse good.

In my prayers, I ask for people who I’ll naturally rock with. People who I can bounce ideas off of, create with, be challenged by, learn from, grow with. People who are already successful or well on their way. People who’s building and in constant motion, positive spirits as well as those aligned with their purpose.

These are the type of people I pray to connect with. I know my tribe is out there, I patiently wait until it’s our divine time to link up.

Daily my sister sends me screenshots of her Joel Olsteen morning messages. I highly appreciate them as they often hit right on time. Pretty much like today, the daily prayer I’ve posted is pretty much similar to my prayers as you can see.

Joel Olsteen message

So this made me want to share my thoughts because I really felt this prayer. I gave thanks to the Source for this message finding me. Signs are everywhere if we just pay attention. I know I’m on my way to being successful in the ways I’d like to be. I just can’t wait to get fully connected to those I’m supposed to be rocking with the long way and the strong way.

Do you have a tribe that you’re growing with? Are you connected to those that lift you and help you grow? If so, share your thoughts on how your tribe benefits you. I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time. I’ll continue vibing how I do.

Peace Love & Light

πŸ’•A. RossπŸ’‹

Heart Heavy…

Today I decided to share a bit of my pain. I personally don’t like sharing my pain via blog but I know this pain that I’m choosing to share we’ll all endure at some point or another.

Recently one of my absolute favorite cousins lost her father. First off, I found out via Facebook, which is not in my opinion the best of ways to do so, but hey it is what it is. I immediately texted her as I’m not really good with verbal interactions during such uncomfortable times like death in less I have no choice. Especially the death of a parent which I know about all to well. I lost my father in 2006 and I struggle often knowing that I just can’t see, hear or touch him, laugh with him again and it sucks.πŸ’•

So after texting my cousin I begin to re-live the pain that I know she feels. She was much more closer with her dad than I was with mines. She was also any only child from her dad. So that tends to hit different too I’m sure. Although some weeks have passed, I know her pain is still fresh like a new knee scrap to the white meat. I’m praying for her still but it hurt not being able to reahl help ease her pain. I sent her a sweet nothing to wear and remind her of her new guardian angel. Rest peacefully Ronald! πŸ’•Oh and both of our dads shared the name Ronald. How awesome. Losing your parent leaves you with a pain that never goes away, it only gets easier to bare, at some point way on down the line.😒

Fast forward to last week I’m seeing on Facebook that my other cousins lost their mom. She was sick battling Dementia but still as I previously said losing your parent isn’t the easiest thing to handle or heal from. It’ll always be an aching pain in replace of their absence. I know that as fresh as it is their hearts are heavy and the tears are consistent. I pray for my cousins as I know that the best thing I can do in a situation like this. Rest peacefully Terri. πŸ’•

About two weeks ago I’m scrolling my Facebook timeline and I see my cousin is sharing a post wishing her brother a happy bearth day. I commented wishing him the same. Fast forward to last week and my aunt texted me. Your cousin passed this morning. WTH! I texted back wow, he just had a bearth day. Damn!😒

I immediately thought about my older cousins who has lost their brother. I immediately thought about my cousins closer in age who I knew he pretty much helped raise. I knew he was a staple especially to his immediate family and here I am again sending my condolences and praying for my cousins. I haven’t seen them since childhood but thanks to social media we are able to keep up with each other. I know that hit them hard. I know that this is a lot of heavy pain my family is currently enduring. It’s never easy knowing your loved ones are gone from this earthly life, no more physical existence. Just fond memories, pictures, laughs and tears. Rest peacefully Reuben! πŸ’•

Now come yesterday as I’m packing up myself to leave work my mom texted me another sad text. April your uncle has pneumonia and has tested positive for Covid-19. Sheesh! My heart immediately skipped. I called him only to hear his voice knowing that he wasn’t gonna answer and he didn’t. This uncle is my moms brother who I just love. He gave me my nickname Bookie which only he calls me and to this day as grown as I am, I’m still his Bookie when we see each other. I gave thanks that my moms text wasn’t about death just a fight with a virus that I know my uncle will win. πŸ™πŸ½

Thing is when Covid hit I immediately prayed over my family those near and those far. I asked that the Ancestors sheild us from this vicious virus. I asked the Creator to protect us and keep us safe from harm and death. I asked that we all make it through without having to fight this virus or whatever it is. He texted me asking that I touch and agree in prayer with him and he also let me know that his work here is not complete. I feel that! I love him so much. Feel better Unc.πŸ’•

A school mate of mines put up on Facebook how she wishes she was able to do more to help her loved ones. I felt that! I said to her prayer is the best way to help although I knew that she meant something that included action that will give immediate results. I’m not saying prayer doesn’t give immediate help but you never know the time frame your prayers will be processed in if you catch my drift. Still I pray, meditate and wait.

Good people, I’m not sure what you’re dealing with right now in your life. However my heart is heavy right now. My heart hurts for my loved ones. It’s so easy for me to hurt when my loved ones hurt. I’m strong and so are the cousins I’ve spoke about. So is my uncle. We come from strength. We know pain. We know how to grow and push through what we go through. We’re resilient and we’re faithful. My cousins will get through this as we’re all surrounded by love. Love heals!πŸ’•

I know that 2020 hasn’t been the easiest for many of us. I pray that 2020 don’t take you through more than you can bare. Nothing lasts forever so love, heal, laugh and forgive while you’re able to. Be safe out here y’all. Be blessed!

Sending love and hugs to you all.

Peace Love & Light

πŸ’•A. Ross πŸ’‹

The Process…πŸ•―

So I’m starting a home based candle business. Let me say this first. Ion know what the fukc I’m doing. πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈOk so boom, I came to work last week and I was talking with my employer. I’m an assistant to three attorneys first off. Two partners and one associate attorney. I get along with them fine but the oldest attorney is pass his retirement age watches the world news all day and loves to chat and I love elderly people. We talk often as he loves to discuss shxt.

One day he was asking me about my business and the stage it’s in. I let him know that I was still figuring out the behind the scenes business paperwork and what’s needed. I told him I have my website and my EIN and I’m also still figuring out my collections or how I plan to launch as well as packaging.

His main question is okay so what’s your business name again and are you registered. Now as much research as I do, I never knew how to get registered. I thought getting registered meant to get a business license.πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™€οΈ Okay so I was wrong, it means you must register with the secretary of state website. You have to register to create your business and it has to be created via Articles of Organization. Talk about lost, yeah that was me. So he helped me get that done that very same day.

I’m waiting to receive that now. However, it was funny and somewhat sad realizing I’d done steps that should come after your business has been created. I guess you live and learn as they say. Truth is…it’s so frustrating starting a business and not having anyone to talk to. Literally no one to ask business questions to or anyone that can assist you along the way with the proper steps that need to be took. I’m so thankful my attorney came through with that advice.

I’m even more thankful that he’s offered to help in any way he can. I didn’t even know about a certificate of good standing but that’s the next step after my business gets accepted and registered. Literally I now realize I know nothing business wise. I only know it’s been a journey for me to first realize what I really deeply wanted to do business wise, then actually facing my fear of doing it scared and unsure if I’m doing it right.

Still…I’m in the process and so far those two things were all I was missing. I’m figuring out how I’ll be shipping, storing my inventory since candles require quite a bit of inventory even as a small start up. I’m very excited to be doing something that I love, to be doing something I’m passionate about. I’m excited to be doing something that has the power to create financial stability, consistent income for me and my household. It really makes me happy to know that I’m creating a product that can lift others mood and create a space filled with positive radiant vibes. I can’t wait to have people’s homes lit with all things Eighth & Ross.

As crazy as this journey is, it’s also a rewarding and peaceful journey. I’ve wanted to start a business for over 5 years now. I didn’t believe I could do it plus I never had a clue of what I actually wanted to do so that kept me stagnant. Now, I’m no longer stagnant confused or have fear of failing. I know that I will succeed my way in my own time all while doing something that I love. That said I’m even more glad I took my time and allowed the Universe to show me what I am supposed to be doing.

So with all that said this brown girl is about to be trapping candles out my house, car, website and social channels. I can’t wait to launch. This is such a blessing to me. Covid has many of the candle businesses I use to purchase inventory constantly out of stock or not accepting new orders due to back orders needing to be filled. I mean hey I get it but I won’t let it hold me back on this Fall launch. I’m coming through regardless okay.

If anyone reading this have any helpful business tips for someone like myself starting a home based, online candle business please feel free to share. I’d really appreciate it.

Also if you’re interested in keeping up with my business flow then please subscribe to my website at http://www.eighthandross.com. Be one of the first to know our launch date, sale days and so much more.

Other than that I’m sending good vibes and genuine joy your way on this hump day. Be blessed.

Peace Love Light

πŸ’•A. Ross πŸ’‹

2020 Vibes

Hi y’all,

It’s been quite a while, three months to be exact. I have totally neglected this blog but I’m back and ready to chat. First off, how is everyone? I know this year has been an absolute consistent whirlwind of events.

I know so much is taking place this year. We have protesters that are being more than vocal about their needs, political bull shxt from every angle, Corona virus news coming left and right that you really couldn’t keep up if you tried. Then there’s unemployment rising and rising, benefits being cut and just a whole lot more bull shxt.

I know that many of us are okay while others aren’t so okay. There’s nothing wrong with being not okay. If this year has been or is too much for you, figure out a way to escape it all. Find something that you love and dive into it, wholeheartedly.

That something may be gardening, walking, jogging, exercising, coloring, listening to uplifting music or podcast. Hell join a social media group that is positive and helpful in keeping your mind right. Or just simply meditate and slow stretch to some slow instrumental, with candle lit, read some good books. All of this will aid in helping you to vibrate high. Keep the negative out by all means.

Half of what’s going on is out of our control so instead of allowing it to drain you. Pull yourself together and pick yourself up. You are important and deserve peace or you’ll literally lose your mind without it.

As for me I’m back working fulltime and in office. It’s scary leaving my house to come to work. However, the building I come in was filled with boutique businesses that have either fell apart due to Covid or they’re playing it safe and still working from home. It’s literally only two companies on our suites floor still operating in office which means it’s not much building traffic if any most days.

I’m being as safe as I can but I’m also not driving myself crazy about nothing. As much as I hate leaving my house for work these days, I’m grateful to still have an income when so many don’t. I’m grateful that my family is safe, my children and partner are safe, healthy and doing well. I pray the same for you and yours.

So, I’m starting a business. I don’t know what I’m doing or not doing. I walking by faith and not by sight and I’m just learning as I grow. We’ll chat more about that in another post. In the meantime and in between time be sure to keep your head up, be careful and stay positive thru all this worldly chaos.

Peace Love & Light

πŸ’•A. Ross πŸ’‹

πŸ’« Monday Affirmations πŸ’«

Good Monday Morning! I’m here on quarantine day IDHAFC (I don’t have a f’ing clue). I’m just here, embracing each new day with pleasure and thanks. Some days are better than others. Overall I’m constantly thanking the Most High for this time.

For many of us, it’s a time to BE STILL. Many of us have been laid off, fired, put out of work due to companies closing, etc. For others, those considered essential workers, companies whose refusing to close or entrepreneurs who have to still work, or those that do a service of some kind that’s considered essential, for this set of people, it’s a time for them to go, do, handle things, keep things going and SHINE during this time.

Which ever category you fall in, we can all use positive affirmations. They’re beneficial in our lives on a daily basis. Since I haven’t done an affirmations post in a while, I felt that they were extremely vital right now for us all. They’re especially helpful during any difficult time. So I decided to share a few.

I am connected to the Divine. I am divinely protected.

My Ancestors have my back. I get strength from them.

I trust myself, I trust the Most High.

I adapt well to change.

I know that all is well and working out for my greater good.

I lack NO-THING.

I am safe and AT PEACE.

I am equipped to overcome every obstacle in my way.

I am stronger than I know I am.

Repeat as often as you need to. Tweak them to fit you if these aren’t for you. Just stay positive and keep your spirits up.

This too shall pass πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Happy Monday!

Peace Love & Light

πŸ’•A. Ross πŸ’‹

Cute bathroom pics 😁 quarantine vibes
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